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Communication Strategies

+ Earned Media

+ Debate Preparation

Education / Training for Prospective Candidates

+ Recruitment


+ Candidate one-on-one        Assessments

Community / Political Engagement

+ Design plan for meeting      with elected officials and      community leaders

+ Design endorsement            schedule (included as          part of fundraising plan)

Fundraising / Foster Donor Relations & Retention

+ Design comprehensive        finance plan

+ Design and oversee              aggressive call time

+ Design and oversee              donor introduction and        maintenance schedule


Government Building Columns

Diverse Strategy Group (DSG) is committed to supporting governments by providing valuable private and public sector expertise and decades of government relations experience and insight to deliver positive impact to their constituents.

From transportation and infrastructure to environmental and economic sustainability, we develop solutions that help municipalities and counties connect with service providers to improve their procurement requests.

We leverage our premier network of certified contractors and other firms to provide our clients with meaningful referrals and high value partnerships that help them stay connected and resilient.

DSG delivers results by providing a diverse pool of service vendors and firms to deliver higher quality, so our clients hire us to do more with less. We pride ourselves in identifying the right people for the right projects as Florida’s cities and counties work more efficiently toward smart growth.

And our team of experienced consultants look forward to helping you grow.

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